Lotus Notes Time Reporting Software

Time Tracker is a Lotus Notes based time reporting solution that simplifies timesheet creation for all users, automates management and streamlines processing.

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Time Tracker.Net offers Web timesheets that faciliate the time reporting process.
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Time Tracker is a Lotus Notes time management software solution that streamlines the entire time reporting process by recording and tracking hours worked by employees. Time Tracker is highly configurable, allowing your organization to configure timesheet columns, formats and messaging.

Structured for ease of use with friendly, intuitive "In" and "Out" boxes, Time Tracker allows employees to report hours worked on a weekly or daily basis from any Notes client or over the Web, whether in the office or working remotely.

Our time management software reduces HR, payroll, and supervisor workloads by automatically reminding employees to fill out and submit their time cards, as well as routing submitted time cards to supervisors for rapid approval or disapproval (see our Bizco characters demonstrate the Roles and Responsibilities of Time Tracker users). Through Lotus Notes, Time Tracker automates the entire time management process. Time Tracker also automatically calculates staff hours, improving payroll, invoice, and activity reporting.

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    Simplify Timesheet Creation and Management for Users
  • Users can submit electronic timesheets via Lotus Notes or the Web.
  • Users can quickly create their using picklists to quickly select projects from lists based on the individual, group, department, or the entire organization. Users can charge against multiple project repositories.
  • Intuitive In/Out Boxes for managing timesheets.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly time reporting formats.
    Automate Approval Routing and Management
  • Time cards are automatically routed to designated approvers when the time card is submitted.
  • Electronic signatures ensure secure distribution of time cards during processing.
  • Configurable automated reminders ensure employees remember to fill out and submit time cards.
  • Includes support for billable/non-billable and fixed price time-billing formats.
    Establish Rules and Validation Requirements for Time Reporting
  • Require tasks to have account codes assigned to them in order to be charged against.
  • Exclude projects in specific status from being chargeable.
  • Timesheet templates and validation profiles for each individual ensure that time is being filled out correctly.
  • Template time cards based on last saved time sheet or pre-established department profiles.
  • Rules for individuals may be established, such as maximum/minimum work hours and valid project codes.
    Streamline Processing and Reporting
  • Integrates with accounting systems.
  • Automated calculation of staff hours expedites payroll, invoice, and activity reporting.
  • Integrates with the Tracker Data Warehouse to provide business intelligence reports such as time card compliance reports and time pie graphs.
  • Real time posting option available.