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A Lotus Notes workflow solution, Tracker Suite helps to maximize both your employees' time and key communications, through the powerful filing, calendar, and scheduling features of Notes.

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Using Tracker Suite, your employees can enjoy streamlined workflow for Projects, IT, Sales and HR, all through the Lotus Notes client they use every day.

For example, Tracker Suite sorts and distributes all tasks, assignments, and meetings from Project Tracker and automatically checks them against employee free time.

This simplifies workflow for project managers, who can easily check employee free time when assigning tasks and scheduling meetings in Lotus Notes. When a manager assigns a task in Project Tracker, it is automatically added to the assignee's personal To Do list. Managers can also monitor RSVP lists when planning meetings to make sure key people can come, and integrate critical e-mail communications with clients and other project participants into customer and project portfolios as necessary.

This simplifies workflow for project staff as well, who can monitor their personal To Do list in Lotus Notes and make sure those tasks are completed. They also refer to their personal calendars to check for scheduled assignments and project meetings. (For more information about how Tracker Suite simplifies workflow for users, see our Roles & Responsibilities page).

Tracker Suite.Net leverages Lotus Notes mail in ways that automate workflow as well. It automatically generates email notifications of task and support ticket assignments, schedule changes, automated reminders for late timesheets and status reports, and more.

    Simplify Workflow with Lotus Notes
  • Check and respond to e-mail through the Notes e-mail client or any Web browser.
  • Tasks created in Project Tracker are automatically added to personal to-do lists by Tracker Suite.
  • Place assignments, tasks and meetings directly from Project Tracker onto personal Lotus Notes calendars.
  • Assignment and meeting schedules are automatically checked against Free Time.
  • Completely integrates and facilitates meeting planning by storing attendee and RSVP lists in central meeting documents.
  • Instantly RSVP to Project Tracker Meetings.