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Prospect Tracker is a Lotus Notes Domino SFA solution which streamlines the collection, management and tracking of opportunities, and also serves as a central repository for marketing literature and sales tools. In addition, Prospect Tracker's integration with Customer Tracker allows prospects to be rolled into a customer database painlessly.

The Advantage of Lotus Notes SFA

By leveraging the Lotus Notes / Domino platform that is already in place, Prospect Tracker is a comprehensive SFA platform that is easily installed, deployed and adopted.

For a look at how this SFA solution might fit in your organization, visit our Prospect Tracker Roles and Responsibilities page for examples of its impact on typical salespeople and sales managers.

    Improve Sales Workflow
  • Automatic notifications of lead assignment.
  • Create tasks with automatic notifications of assignment as well as completion.
  • Manage tickler lists and add prospect activities to the Notes Calendar, with optional reminders.
  • Automatic email notifications of forecast changes, with a link to lead document.
  • Create personalized views of prospect activities, schedules and contact information.
  • Displays managers' or individuals' views of action status.