Project Tracking with Lotus Notes / Domino

Project Tracker is a Web enabled Lotus Notes / Domino project tracking solution that returns maximum results from your employees' time and efforts by streamlining your company's project workflow.

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Try our Outlook project management solution, TrackerOffice.
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Project Tracker.Net is our 100% Web based online project management solution.
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Project Tracker provides tools for organizational and individual planning, scheduling, on-line documentation, process control, team management, access to current status reports and more. It integrates with other Tracker Suite modules to serve as a project portfolio management system.

Project Tracker streamlines the entire project management process. The module includes an integrated on-line discussion area and a customizable knowledge base, ensuring your employees (see the Roles & Responsibilities of Project Tracker users) are up to date on project news, current events, and issues.

    Simplify Project Workflow
  • Centralize project files, including definitions and program, processes, budgets, tasks and more.
  • Configure role based user interfaces.
  • Simplifies scheduling project meetings, sending meeting notifications and meeting summaries.
  • Email threading: Emails sent from the project are automatically logged in the project documents, along with all replies to the email.
  • Create private folders to which you can drag and drop copies of your important project materials, including tasks, documents, and discussions.
  • Document management and security, including workflows for review and approval, version control and document check-in / check-out.
  • On line discussion forums.
  • Integration with Sametime for presence awareness and project chats with simple archiving.
  • Scalable around functional areas- installing Project Tracker on the desktop is as simple as sending an email.
  • Integration with Customer Tracker allows customers to submit project requests over the Web.
  • Integration with Microsoft Project, including functions for task linking and indenting.
  • Integrates with Notes mail and calendar, Time Tracker, Expense Tracker, Personnel Tracker and the Tracker Data Warehouse. Project Tracker also integatates with Support Tracker, providing a comprehensive project and support environment for IT.
    Automate Project Management
  • Automated email notifications of schedule changes and exception, task assignments, status report reminders.
  • Task management with automatic notifications and the ability to add tasks to the assignee's To Do list and Calendar.
  • Update multiple tasks simultaneously from a view.
  • Streamline status reporting with, with embedded buttons that put the recipient one click away from submitting their status report. Once the report is submitted, the form is embedded in an email and sent to all subscribers.
  • Create on-the-fly project newsletters leveraging Lotus Notes RTF capabilities to copy and paste views into emails as live, color-coded tables with embedded doclinks.
  • Manage projects, tasks, teams, documents, meetings and status reports over the Web.
  • Export to lists of projects to Microsoft Excel, as well as tasks, action items, and team members from across multiple projects.