An Invoicing Solution for Lotus Notes

Invoice Tracker helps organizations to streamline the fixed cost billing process through Lotus Notes.

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Invoice Tracker is a comprehensive, Web based invoice software solution that facilitates the invoicing process by integrating Tracker Suite applications for time and expense, purchasing, project management and CRM with invoice templates, tools and reports.

Invoice Tracker is structured for ease of use with billing prep, billing review, and waiting for payment work areas. It offers views to see budgeted and billed amounts by customer, project and project manager, including invoice lists and invoice forecasts.

It reduces manager and accounts receivable workloads by allowing quick access to items waiting to be billed, billed items waiting for review or invoices outstanding to customers. Using configurable invoice templates, organizations can easily generate customized invoices for their customers, which can be exported to Microsoft Word.

    Simplify Invoice Creation and Management
  • Integrate the billing of time, expense and fixed price items using Time Tracker, Expense Tracker and Purchase Tracker.
  • Export invoices to Microsoft Word, with configurable invoice templates for creating custom invoice formats.
  • Multiple views, including invoice lists and invoice forecasts.
  • Change resource billing rates at time of billing.
  • Mark time and expenses billable and non billable at time of invoicing.
  • Make additions and adjustments.
  • Send invoices for review.
  • Allocate fixed price items to employees and report billable revenue by employee and custom.