Lotus Notes Personnel Management

Personnel Tracker is a Lotus Notes personnel management solution that centralizes resource data and automates HR processes.

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Personnel Tracker is a Web enabled Lotus Notes personnel management solution that puts you a keystroke away from crucial HR data such as phone numbers, employee IDs, office locations, evaluation histories, benefit plans, work status, and more. With Personnel Tracker, you can leverage your Lotus Notes investment to simplify and streamline personnel management processes such as change requests, asset management, vacation scheduling and sick time tracking.

Based on the Lotus Notes Domino Name and Address book, Personnel Tracker integrates seamlessly with your existing Lotus Notes infrastructure and eases the entire employee relationship process (see the Roles & Responsibilities of Personnel Tracker users).

Streamline Operations

In addition to managing your personnel, Personnel Tracker can also simplify your other business processes. By providing a Web accessible employee directory, Tracker Suite improves your organization's internal communication, such as in the case of Sanyo North America. Personnel Tracker also enables the smart routing of time cards, expense reports and purchase orders, as well as assisting in developing capable project teams.

    Simplify HR Management
  • Security and workflows are based on employee type and role. Workflow engine supports proxy approvers.
  • Delivery of notifications on regular and special events, such as birthday and anniversaries, review dates and more.
  • Reports on headcount, EEOC, salary, and management reporting structure.
    Manage New Hire and Termination Process
  • Integrates with Applicant Tracker. Accepted applicants can be rolled into Personnel Tracker.
  • Integrates with Asset Tracker, simplifying the provisioning of new hires with computers, furniture, telephone numbers and even Notes accounts. This integration also ensures the collection of assets from departing employees, including security assets such as keys, passwords and security codes.
    Integration Capabilities
  • Out of the office integration with Expense Tracker and Purchase Tracker.
  • Fully compatible with Notes Server Name and Address Book.