Lotus Notes Help Desk Solution

Empower users, IT staff and managers with a Lotus Notes based help desk system that simplifies ticket creation and submission, automates ticket management and facilitates SLA compliance.

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Support Tracker.Net is 100% Web based and integrates with Lotus Notes!
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Support Tracker is a Web-enabled Lotus Notes help desk solution which eases the workload of your IT support departments and improves the efficiency of help desk services, all through the Lotus Notes / Domino messaging platform that is already in place.

Help Desk Reduces IT Workload with FAQ and Knowledgebase

First, this Domino based collaborative help desk provides FAQ and organic knowledgebase functionality for user self-help, which can be accessed through any Lotus Notes client or over the Web. Allowing users to resolve typical issues by themselves speeds their resolution time, increases the users' skills, and saves your support personnel time which can be better used resolving serious \help desk issues.

Streamlined Lotus Notes Help Desk Services

When a user has a problem they can't resolve on their own, Support Tracker simplifies the request process by allowing them to submit a help desk request through an email, a Lotus Notes form or the Web. Our collaborative help desk solution offers assignment weighting based on Service Level agreements and/or request types, ensuring that more urgent requests are immediately routed/ escalated to the appropriate person and that departmental obligations are met. Submitted help desk requests are assigned, tracked, evaluated and closed all within a central location. See Support Tracker Roles & Responsibilities for a review of its impact on typical user roles.

    Simplify Ticket Creation and Submission, Empower User Self Help
  • Tickets can be created several ways:
    • Submit tickets via the Web or through Lotus Notes.
    • Copy and paste emails requesting support directly into the ticket database.
    • Designated support email addresses can be configured, that transform received emails into tickets.
  • Tickets can be created for employee or customer.
  • Organic Knowledgebase offers users a rapidly developing, easily maintained self-help resource, easing the support service workload.
  • On-line discussion forum.
    Automate Ticket Management
  • Configure a help desk RSS feed.
  • Automatic assignment with notification, routing, and escalation of requests via request type profiles and Service Level Agreements. This workflow ensures proper prioritization, resource allocation and improved response-resolution time.
  • Automated SLA agent, which sends reminder emails/ escalates tickets when expected response/ completion has passed.
  • Threaded e-mail discussion with requestors by incident.
  • Child tickets allow complex issues to be broken down and modularized in a multi-step process, much like tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Supports a work order process, using ticket templates. When one ticket is closed, another can be automatically generated, based on the template.
  • Integration with Customer Tracker allows customers to submit support requests over the Web.
  • Integration with Project Tracker allows important tickets to be converted to projects or tasks, providing an integrated project and support environment for IT.