Lotus Notes Expense Management

Expense Tracker streamlines and secures the expense management and billing process by leveraging Lotus Notes.

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Expense Tracker streamlines and secures the expense and billing process. Users can submit project and travel expense reports from any location through Notes or the Web. Expense Tracker also supports the billing of expenses back to customers or internal cost centers.

The integration of Expense Tracker with Personnel Tracker ensures secure automatic routing based on predetermined roles, approval cycles, and spending limits. If the expense is to be charged against a customer, Expense Tracker can import the current billing information from Customer Tracker.

Expense Tracker establishes a workflow for expense report submission, approval and accounting (for more detail, see the Bizco staff's Roles & Responsibilities in expense management), streamlining the expense reporting process from start to finish.

    Automate and Secure Expense Report Approval and Management
  • Secure, automatic expense report routing is based upon the predetermined roles, approval cycles and spending limits defined in Personnel Tracker.
  • Billing information is attached to the expense report throughout the approval process.
  • Activity logs create an audit trail with electronic signatures.
  • Expense Tracker generates detailed billing slips, suitable for mailing.
  • Exclude projects in specific status from being chargeable.
    Simplify Expense Activity Reporting
  • Generates up-to-date accounts payable lists.
  • Automatic reporting allows for real-time data viewing by employee, project, customer, cost center or period.
  • Real time posting option available.