Asset Management with Lotus Notes

Simplify and secure the managagement of expensive or critical assets with Lotus Notes.

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Asset Tracker simplifies asset management processes: cataloging, provisioning, collection, and depreciation, for assets including hardware (laptops, BlackBerry&reg devices), software, security assets (codes, passwords and keys), furniture and telephony.

For businesses with numerous and sometimes expensive assets which are unidentified and untracked, Asset Trackerís "Survey" function quickly assembles an organization-wide, searchable catalog of assets. With a mouseclick, a Survey form is emailed to all employees. Once opened, the Survey automatically detects the system specifications of the recipientís computer (including processor, installed RAM and operating system) as well as all installed applications and automatically populates the responses. The recipient also reports the other various assets in their possession and then returns the Survey, which automatically inputs reported items into Asset Tracker.

Asset Tracker integrates with other Tracker Suite modules, facilitating IT, HR and reporting processes. For IT departments, its integration with Support Tracker helps develop and maintain an asset repair/issue history. For HR. its integration with Personnel Tracker streamlines the provisioning of new hires (with phone numbers, laptops, furniture, etc.) and ensures the collection of important assets (such as security codes, keys, and passwords) from departing employees. Finally, through the Tracker Data Warehouse reporting engine, organizations can develop reports on software, hardware and fixed assets, and generate asset lists.