Lotus Notes Project Management

Using these Tracker Suite modules, organizations can create a robust project management solution by leveraging their investment in Lotus Notes and Domino.

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Tracker Suite for Projects automates the key functions that drive the services business lifecycle. These applications each have a specific function, yet they all share information to ensure consistency and accuracy.

The Tracker Suite for Projects includes:

Project Tracker - Streamlines and secures the management of your organization's projects, eliminating the inefficiencies that increase costs and hamper your project teams.

Customer Tracker - Provides a centralized area for customer files, simplifying the management of customer projects and billing. Customer Tracker also includes tools for customer activity management and tracking, for improved customer relations.

Time Tracker, Expense Tracker and Purchase Tracker - Streamline and secure all aspects of your customer billing processes, with time, expense and purchasing solutions which are linked to project data.

Data Warehouse - The Tracker Data Warehouse provides reports that project managers can utilize to improve operations, such as project delivery schedules, budget vs. actual, overdue tasks and time card compliance.

Invoice Tracker - Simplifies invoice preparation with invoice templates, tools and reports.

Personnel Tracker - Improves the efficiency of project teams by providing a Web-enabled employee directory for improved communications. Personnel Tracker also provides the hierarchy for approval routing of time cards, expense reports and purchase orders.

Tracker Portal - In the Tracker Suite for Projects, the Tracker Portal provides role-based, Web-enabled access to project and customer files

The integrated nature of these applications simplifies project workflow with automatic notifications of new projects, tasks, and customer activities.

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