Lotus Notes Software for Projects, IT, HR & Sales

A Lotus Notes software suite, TrackerSuite.Net offers Domino applications for Project and IT Management, HR and Sales Force Automation.

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By leveraging the Lotus Notes / Domino software platform already in place, Tracker Suite allows organizations to rapidly and painlessly deploy tools for project tracking, help desk services, time and expense reporting, personnel and asset management, purchasing, customer relationship management and more. Because users are presented with an application which they are already familiar with, adoption is swift.

These software solutions are modular. Tracker Suite customers may configure their own application package to suit their business needs. To demonstrate how these solutions can work in concert with each other, we have outlined possible application suites for typical business areas: Projects, IT, HR and Sales.

  • Tracker Portal - Configure a portal for any particular role, with the views and controls available in your database.
  • Project Tracker - A project management solution that provides the tools necessary to complete projects on-time and on-budget, all through your Domino platform..
  • Support Tracker - maximizes your IT help desk efficiencies through Lotus Notes by providing a central tool for tracking all help-desk requests.
  • Personnel Tracker - simplifies HR processes through Lotus Notes, by providing a centralized location for employee information and streamlining operations for vacation requests, leave management and more.
  • Time Tracker - allows users to submit timesheets linked to project data through Lotus Notes or over the Web. Timesheets are automatically rout0pxed to the correct supervisor for swift approval.
  • Data Warehouse - acts as a "virtual dashboard" for your organization, providing you real-time project data and reports through the Web.
  • Expense Tracker - ensures accurate and timely billing by helping you track, record, and monitor project and organizational related expenses. Users can submit expense reports, with support for multiple currencies, through their Lotus Notes client or over the Web.
  • Applicant Tracker - simplifies your hiring process, with functions for job posting, interview scheduling, background checks, and automated export of applicant data into Personnel Tracker.
  • Customer Tracker - facilitates customer relationship management by providing a centralized location to maintain all the up-to-date information on your customer contacts, issues, and history, all within Lotus Notes.
  • Prospect Tracker - simplifies contact management by providing a centralized location for prospect data, and offering functions for lead management, document storage, task assignment and more.
  • Purchase Tracker - maximizes the efficiency and accountability of your purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable departments. Users can submit POs through Notes or over the Web.
  • Invoice Tracker facilitates the invoicing process by integrating Tracker Suite applications for time and expense, purchasing, project management and CRM with invoice templates, tools and reports.

Working together, these Tracker Suite modules serve as a Lotus Notes workflow solution that simplify workflow, maximizing your employees' time, improving scheduling and enhancing information collaboration by unifying the functions of the various Tracker modules through the powerful filing, calendar, and scheduling features of Lotus Notes / Domino software.

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