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Applicant Tracker is a comprehensive, Web enabled recruiting system which automates and simplifies your entire hiring process, whether you are an organization of 50 or 5000 employees, through the Lotus Notes / Domino messaging platform that is already in place.

Use Applicant Tracker to define the need for an employee or position, and post that opening internally or externally. Applicants can fill out the configured application through Notes or the Web, and can attach resumes to their applications.

Applicant Tracker stores, sorts, and matches submitted applications to positions across your entire organization. It streamlines the employee hiring process by assisting in scheduling interviews, coordinating background checks of prospective employees, and provides a system for ranking prospective employees. Applicant Tracker simplifies applicant reviews by storing all material, including resumes, interview notes, rankings and background checks in a central location for quick access.

Applicant Tracker also generates reports on potential employees and new hires that managers and executives can use to monitor their organization's recruiting processes.

Applicant Tracker automatically exports new hire data to Personnel Tracker, a Web enabled resource management application, relieving your HR department the task of creating and filling out the new employee file (see Applicant Tracker's Roles & Responsibilities in the hiring process).