Managing IT with Lotus Notes / Domino

Using these Tracker Suite modules, organizations can create an IT Management solution by leveraging their investment in Lotus Notes and Domino.

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IT managers, directors, and CIOs can utilize Tracker Suite® modules to improve the processes underlying an organization's IT efforts: project management, time & expense reporting, asset management, purchasing, support services, resource management and reporting. Our white paper, IT Governance with Email, provides a comprehensive overview of how Tracker Suite can be used to track, measure and control your organization's IT project and support processes.

The Tracker Suite for IT includes:

Project Tracker - Streamlines and secures the management of IT projects, helping projects remain on-time and under-budget.

Support Tracker - Provides superior, Web enabled help desk services, with SLA support and automatic request routing which ensures priority items are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Also provides a FAQ and Knowledgebase functions.

Asset Tracker - Manage, track, deploy and collect assets including hardware, software, telephony and security items (alarm codes, door keys, Notes accounts, etc.). Asset Tracker's integration with Support Tracker allows repair/ issue histories to be attached to assets.

Time Tracker, Expense Tracker and Purchase Tracker - How much are your IT projects costing you? Use Tracker Suite to tie the time, expenses and purchases to your IT projects, tasks and support tickets.

Data Warehouse - The Tracker Data Warehouse provides reports that administrators and CIOs can utilize to improve operations, such as support ticket completion times, project budget vs. actual and headcount reports.

Personnel Tracker - Improves the efficiency of IT groups by providing a Web-enabled employee directory for improved communications. Personnel Tracker also facilitates the routing of support requests and approvals for time cards, expense reports and purchasing.

Tracker Portal - The Tracker Portal provides role-based, Web-enabled access your project and support databases.

Invoice Tracker - Simplifies invoice preparation with invoice templates, tools and reports.

The integrated nature of these applications simplifies the workflow of projects and support services with automatic notifications and reminders of new tasks and support ticket assignments, purchase order submissions, meeting invitations, and more.

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