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Lotus Notes CRM software automates your customer relationship management processes through the Lotus Notes / Domino platform you already have in place.

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Customer Tracker is a Lotus Notes CRM software application that automates and accelerates your customer service processes by allowing other Tracker modules electronic access to current customer data, eliminating the need to manually enter customer information already available. As a Lotus Notes CRM solution, Customer Tracker provides an array of features, including a centralized location for customer information: contacts, documents, files and more. Using Customer Tracker.Net, account representatives are a click away from the information and tools they need, all through the email client they use every day.

Through the Tracker Portal, this Lotus Notes CRM solution provides an Internet gateway for customer services, allowing customers to log in to request new projects, submit support requests and review current tickets, update their profile and add new contacts. New contacts are automatically rolled into a Customer address database.

Prospect Tracker, Tracker Suite's sales force automation module, is integrated with Customer Tracker, providing organizations with a combined Lotus Notes SFA / Lotus Notes CRM solution. If a prospect becomes a customer, their company profile and related data can be imported into Customer Tracker, eliminating the need to recreate data.