Lotus Notes Web Timesheets

Time Tracker is a fully Web-enabled time reporting system, allowing users to easily create and submit Web timesheets like that on the left. Users can easily report their hours wherever they are, a useful function for organizations utilizing remotely located employees or contractors.

Users can also manage and track their timesheets as well. Through the Web, employees can quickly check the approval status of their timesheets, wherever they are, whenever they need. If their submission is disapproved, they can quickly correct the card and re-submit it. This ease of access streamlines time reporting, improving the billing process.

These web timesheets offer the same functionality as Time Tracker's Lotus Notes based time cards, with automatic approval routing and secure, electronic signatures that ensure that all submitted web timesheets are routed to the appropriate supervisors, and that all time cards sent for processing have been signed off. Picklists allow users to quickly select projects from lists based on the individual, group, department, or the entire organization. Time can be charged against projects or cost centers.

Just as Time Tracker empowers employees with Web time sheets, it also streamlines the work process of supervisors and managers by providing secure Web access to employee timesheets. Authorized managers can easily review, approve, and process timecards from the office or the field.

As well as simplifying the time reporting process for your employees, these Web timesheets also promote effective business management. By allowing employees to report time wherever they are, and with Time Tracker's automated reminders ensuring that employees submit their Web timesheets in a timely fashion, Time Tracker improves the veracity of budget and expense data, allowing managers and executives to make better decisions with accurate, up-to-date information.

Web based time cards
Web access to time cards, expense reports and purchase orders