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Through a Domino enterprise solution, an executive such as Victor Vice President can track the processes that drive the organization and measure results.

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"I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."
- Ralph Nader

My company was in trouble.

Bizco weathered several setbacks last year, not enough to sink us, but it seemed like it took longer for us to bounce back after each hit. But it wasn't just that. Projects faltered and were delayed due to planning mistakes, communication between departments was poor, and employee morale was down due to the lack of communication, the project setbacks and catch-up work. I had to do something.

I invested in Tracker Suite, a Domino enterprise software solution that leveraged our existing infrastructure. No, it's not a magic bullet. Things didn't suddenly get better. But it gave my company what it needed- cohesiveness. Bizco developed from a patchwork network of departments into a whole entity. Tracker Suite didn't just give us tools, it promoted our business intelligence. Across the organization, my employees know what's going on.

I can't emphasize enough how much the enterprise management tools provided by Tracker Suite through our Lotus Notes / Domino platform have helped my company. Let me show you a Flash presentation of how Tracker helps me with Bizco's Bizco's decision-making process. This presentation will appear in a new window, so I'll be here if you need me.

These are some of the Tracker Suite modules I use most, and some of my favorite features:

  • Personnel Tracker- Knowledge about my organization is the key to success for me and my company. This tool provides important information about each of my employees. Salary levels, organizational structure, approver levels, and job roles are all stored in this one central, secure location.
  • Prospect Tracker- Prospect Tracker allows me to keep track of what's in the pipeline along with probabilities of close so I can keep track of the big picture. I can review status of sales projections, pipeline data and activity reports. I also participate in online forums, answering questions and providing direction to the sales force as necessary. Prospect Tracker also stores price lists, catalogs, company form letters, and other documents, which allows everyone to always be on the same page working with the same tools. I review the marketing documents and price lists occasionally to ensure accuracy.
  • Customer Tracker- With Customer Tracker, I am able to keep an eye on customer service issues and make sure we're doing what we say we will for our clients. I can also quickly generate and track sales contracts from my own company templates.
  • Project Tracker- Project Tracker is great. It gives me high level schedules so that I always know the status of what's going on throughout the organization, and can make sure that projects are on track. I can also compare the task loads of different departments to see which teams are at maximum capacity and manage team work loads as necessary.
  • Data Warehouse- Data Warehouse is my virtual dashboard for business. Real-time information on sales forecasts, customer billing, trends- its all here.