Lotus Notes Requisition Groupware

Pablo Purchasing, a purchase manager, describes how Lotus Notes requisition groupware simplified, streamlined and secured the purchase requisition process.

Pablo Purchaser
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"If you make a habit of buying things you do not need, you will soon be selling things you do."
- Filipino proverb

"You need WHAT?!"

I used to say that so often, I thought about using it for the message on my voice mail! It's not easy being a puchasing agent. I'd sit behind a desk buried under purchase orders. I was in a constant game of "catch-up" with new projects and the materials they needed. Not to mention the time I had to spend tracking down approvals!

Now with Tracker Suite my desk is clean. Well, cleaner anyway. I don't have to chase down approvals anymore either! The features I love most are:

  • Project Tracker - By keeping an eye on the progress of each of the projects in the pipeline, I can estimate when various teams might be forwarding different requirements to me. Project Tracker provides a great overview of where things stand in the company.
  • Purchase Tracker - This tool saves me many headaches! Now I don't have to chase down individuals in order to verify approvals. By the time I receive a purchase request, it has all of the right approvals so that I know that it's ready to process. Receiving also uses the same forms to track the items that they receive for each purchase order. The data easily flows through the entire purchasing process! I need to review any pricing information, including foreign exchange rates, and ensure that each request is complete and accurate. Then, I assign the request a PO number and forward the order to the appropriate vendor. When I receive the order, I need to document the items received directly on purchase order form. I then notify the originator of the receipt and forward the report to Accounting.