Simplify Accounting with Lotus Notes / Domino

Boris Beancounter describes how Lotus Notes / Domino software simplified and streamlined accounting processes.

Boris Beancounter
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"Money's a horrid thing to follow, but a lovely thing to meet."
- Henry James

Sometimes I wish I'd listened to Mother, and become a dentist instead.

But the fact is I always preferred calculus to cavities. Even when Bizco was in trouble last year, I just bore down and did the best work I could.

And what a load of work it was. Billing was a nightmare. Project requirements and deadlines were constantly shifting, and I was always the last to know. I spent half of my time outside my office, tracking people down to discuss confusing expense reports, time cards, and purchase requests. When I was in my office, I was bombarded by customers calling about their bills- and Bizco has a LOT of customers. Sifting through accounts to find customer information ate up a lot of my time.

Fortunately, Victor decided to purchase Tracker Suite, which has made my job quite a bit easier. Any information I need is a mouse click away, no more chasing people down or searching through paperwork! The information is always up to date, and even better than that- I know what's going on. Tracker Suite facilitates communication through e-mail and forums, so now I can see where things are going, how projects are developing and how my company is progressing.

Besides dentistry, I also gave serious thought to becoming an actor. You could see my first attempt on the stage in my Flash presentation. I'll show you how Tracker made my job so much easier. I can tell you about Tracker's Return On Investment. The presentation appears in a new window, so I'll still be here. Unless Hollywood calls, of course.

The applications and features of Tracker Suite I've found most useful are:

Customer Tracker- Having all of our customer data in one location makes life much easier for everyone. Not only are all contacts, names, and addresses on one place, but this tool also stores all of our clients account codes and billing data. I register all of our customer commitments and track our activities against purchase orders. It's also up to me to create and maintain account codes, monitor current PO listing to Billing, and keep our management updated with days and dollars remaining available for current projects. I also monitor billing information and backlog.

Project Tracker- All of the Tracker modules create billable line items based on projects and tasks that are profiled in Project Tracker. By accessing this database, I can quickly view account codes along with the status of the various items that I'm billing out to clients. This way, I can be sure that my billing information is always valid and correct.

Purchase Tracker- Like the Time and Expense Trackers, the Web enabled forms in Purchase Tracker make it easy for our employees to fill out and process purchase requests. In addition, I can sort all of the requests by vendor, originator of the purchase request, delivery date, etc. This makes it easy for me to track how much we're spending and what we're spending it on. When I review our records, I compare the receiving documents with the invoices, reviewing each document for completeness and accuracy. Once I'm sure everything is correct, I submit the completed requests, which are then integrated into the financial data for our entire organization.

Tracker Data Warehouse- You can't beat having all of your financial information automatically in place by line item. Every expense and every hour billed is tallied into this database, where I am able to review the data in many useful formats which are organized based upon different variables. From total cash flow down through line item specifics, Data Warehouse lets me keep my finger on the financial pulse of my organization. I process any billing items to our external billing system and send invoices to clients. I also use it to review all of our cost reports for completeness and compare them to our client contracts and purchase orders.

Time Tracker & Expense Tracker- These modules make it easy for employees to fill out and submit time cards and expense reports, either through Lotus Notes or the Web. The data I receive is consistent and easy to process. I no longer have to track people down asking: 'What did you mean by this?'