Lotus Notes Resource Management

Hannah HR describes how Lotus Notes resource management software simplified the management of personnel.

Hannah HR, Human Resources Manager
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"The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum."
- Frances Willard

You've got problems? Hah!

Well when you work in human resources- EVERYBODY's problems are YOUR problems.

My office sits in a No Man's Land between administration and staff. If our vice president wants to know why a project is off track, guess who gets the call? If one of the project staff gets upset about an evaluation, wonder who finds an angry e-mail in her box?

I have enough work on my hands wrangling employee conflicts. I don't need to get bogged down with paperwork and file management. Fortunately, Tracker Suite's taken most of that off my hands.

The applications and features I've found most useful are:

  • Personnel Tracker - Personnel Tracker is great because it provides me with one central location where I can maintain and track all of our employee files. This database contains all of the names, addresses, and personal information we need to have on hand. I maintain person documents with employee information including supervisor, position, Tracker Products the person is authorized to use, and approval limits. I also maintain all required Profile Documents.
  • Project Tracker - Project Tracker allows me to keep an eye on how things are developing among our project teams and to keep tabs on the general direction of our business. As I look at our activities in this tool, I am able to make sure our that our teams and talents are appropriately allocated. With it I maintain billing rates and make sure that information is accurate for employees assigned to tasks.
  • Applicant Tracker - This is the perfect applicant management tool. Not only does it store all of our job postings in one place, but it also facilitates the entire hiring process. I am able to evaluate references, to schedule interviews, and manage the entire hiring and orientation process. It really facilitates our human resources processes from front to back. With Applicant Tracker I can maintain all of our job postings and make sure that we're advertising the right positions in the right places. When we receive applications, I need to maintain all files, including resumes, cover letters, etc. After we check an applicant's references, I use it to schedule the interview and ensure that all of the records from the interview are in place. If the person is hired, I need to make sure that they complete the orientation process.