Lotus Notes Sales Automation Tools

Moses Marketer reveals how Lotus Notes sales automation tools empowered the sales force and simplified prospect tracking and management.

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"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
- Milton Berle

If Bizco were a football team, I'd be the quarterback.

That's right, the quarterback. I'm the one that comes up with the plays. A ball gets tossed to me, and I pass it off to Sally Sales, and she heads in for a home run. Or... three pointer? An eagle?

Alright, alright- sports isn't my strong point. Marketing is. My job is to keep Bizco ahead of the competition, to let our customers know we're the best solution to their problems. I develop marketing efforts and keep our sales staff fueled with leads. To do my job effectively, I need to stay on top of all our current marketing efforts, our prospects, and the workload of our sales force. Let me tell you, when you've got Tracker Suite on your team, scoring goals gets a lot easier. The applications that help me most are:

  • Prospect Tracker - Since each prospect is entered and tracked through this tool, I am able to see where our leads are coming from and which marketing efforts are most effective. By monitoring Prospect Tracker, I can make sure that I'm focusing my department's efforts in the right areas so that we're not spinning our wheels. It's up to me to enter new lead profiles and hand them off to the appropriate sales representatives. Related to that, I need to redistribute rejected leads to other sales staff. I also create marketing documentation for our sales force and make it accessible right in Prospect Tracker, along with maintaining a list of marketing resources and organizational mailing lists. Finally, I monitor the inflow of new leads and their sources and stay up on our marketing effectiveness.