Capitol Federal

Capitol Federal, a savings and loan company with headquarters in Kansas, utilized several disparate systems in their operations:

  • Project and time reporting were through a legacy mainframe system, with a text-based interface.
  • A document-update support process, utilizing a Lotus Notes database.
  • Paper-driven, manual processes for sales and purchasing.

Faced with both increasing maintenance costs and growing demands on their business systems, Capitol Federal searched for solutions.

The Solution- Leveraging their Lotus Notes Platform

Tracker Suite was one of the applications they considered. Capitol Federal was particularly interested in the way Tracker Suite could leverage their existing Lotus Notes / Domino platform, which their users were already familiar with.

Initially, Capitol Federal was strictly interested in replacing their mainframe for project management and time reporting. However, when they realized Tracker Suite's modules not only streamlined processes, but also integrated with each other, they saw the opportunity to improve the efficiencies of all their systems. In addition to Tracker Suite's Project Tracker and Time Tracker, Capitol Federal also licensed Support Tracker, Personnel Tracker, Prospect Tracker, Tracker Data Warehouse and Purchase Tracker.

The Benefits - Improved Organizational Performance

As well as improving their project and time reporting processes, Capitol Federal also anticipates increased revenues from sales. Prior to Tracker Suite, Capitol Federal had no formal sales structure. The average life of one of their loans was three years, and they were seeking tools to help their loan agents to maintain contact with their borrowers for potential business. Prospect Tracker's tickler list and activity reports will give Capitol Federal's sales managers the tools they need to direct their sales force effectively.

Tracker Suite will also be replacing Capitol Federal's manual purchasing process. Prior to Purchase Tracker, purchase orders were filled out on paper, then handed to a manager to enter into an Excel spreadsheet after approval, and finally submitted to accounting. With Purchase Tracker, Capitol Federal will be able to create and submit purchase orders through Lotus Notes or the Web. Submitted purchase orders are automatically routed to the correct supervisor for approval, then onto accounting. Capitol Federal's time-consuming and paper-driven process has been reduced to a simple form creation and a series of mouse clicks.