Monroe County

A government agency in Monroe County, New York, provided environmental services to other county agencies. It was utilizing a paper system for tracking the time its staff spent on projects. The other agencies would frequently contest the quarterly, lump-sum invoices and the administration was spending a significant amount of time trying to respond to those requests, as they needed to manually retrace the invoice history. Monroe County was in desperate need of a system that would allow it to automatically track time and expenses spent on projects and to quickly and easily respond to invoice contests.

The Solution- Tracker Software Was Obvious Solution

After discovering Tracker software, Monroe Country knew it wanted to license Expense Tracker and Time Tracker from Automation Centre. Tracker Expense and Time provide Monroe County with a method for collecting and updating detailed project data including time and expenses expended. Monroe County can then utilize this data to create invoices for bill backs. With Tracker software, Monroe County can also import and export data from Excel spreadsheets.

The Benefits- Central Project Database and Easy Project Bill Back

Tracker software has provided Monroe County with a central database for project data, including time and expenses expended. It can then create invoices for bill backs that can be easily retraced when contested. This has eliminated ambush billing, greatly improved internal customer relations, and improved the productivity of the administration. Monroe County also has multi-report databases and the ability to know what projects itís staff is working on and their availability for other projects.